Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miracle Curve ( a poetic testimony)

The following poem describes a testimony when God moved mightily and saved what could have been a disaster.

Miracle Curve
Driving down the freeway on a very warm day
Up ahead came a very simple curve,
A gust of wind blew my check out the window
I could only watch my check and say, "The nerve!"

My son stopped the car then he put it in reverse
As I sadly watched my check float away,
To the middle of the freeway out of my reach
This was not a good start for my day.

"Can't run across the freeway, I might get hit!"
As I watched cars speeding by.
My only thought was "Please, help me, Lord!"
Then His help quickly came from the sky.

My mouth dropped open as the check floated up
And over all the cars whizzing past,
The real miracle came when the check came down
By my foot - I had my check at last.

I'll never forget the Lord's work that day
Not a single car had to break or swerve.
The Lord's still working in our lives today
As He proved on Miracle Curve.

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